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Glizid 80mg

Glizid 80mg

Glizid 80mg
Glizid 80mg

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Panecia Biotech

Glizid 80mg

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About Glizid 80mg

How does Glizid 80mg?

What is Glizid 80mg?
Gliclazide 80mg is a second generation sulphonylurea oral hypoglyceamic agent used to treat non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (type 2 diabetes). It is a round, flat, uncoated and off-white colored tablet.

Gliclazide 80mg- important information
The dosage of Glizid should be adjusted after monitoring the blood and urine glucose levels of the patient. Any history of renal impairment should be reported to the doctor. Usage during pregnancy is contraindicated.

How Gliclazide 80mg works?
Gliclazide closes the potassium channels and opens the calcium channels. This leads to production of insulin in the body which was then affected. This drug also increases the sensitivity of beta-cells to glucose.

Gliclazide 80mg side effects
Some of the common side effects of Gliclazide 80mg include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, erythema, rash, flushing, pruritus and urticaria. These are not the only symptoms.
Many other effects might be observed and thus doctor should be consulted.

Where to find Gliclazide 80mg?
Gliclazide 80mg is a prescribed drug which can be easily bought from any online medical store. These online stores not only provide genuine quality drugs but also provide them at great rates along with huge discounts and deals.

Interaction of Glizid 80mg with other drugs
Salicylates, sulphonamides, beta blockers, phenylbutazone, vitamin k antagonist, theophylline, Caffeine, allopurinol and monoamine oxidase inhibitors potentiate hypoglycemic action in patients.