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Glizid 40mg

Glizid 40mg

Glizid 40mg
Glizid 40mg

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Panecia Biotech

Glizid 40mg

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About Glizid 40mg

How does Glizid 40mg?

What is Glizid 40mg?
Gliclazide 40mg is a drug which is employed for the controlling the blood glucose for type 2 diabetes of the patient. This drug is generally advised to be consumed with diet and exercise in order to maintain sugar level in type 2 diabetes. This medicine assists in diminishing the danger of cardiovascular disorders, stroke and problems related to kidney as he can prescribe best suitable dose for you.

Glizid 40mg - Important Information
Gliclazide 40mg is a prescription medicine employed for the curing the type 2 Diabetes. It is given as an appendage along with diet as well as exercise for treating of Type 2 diabetes. It is also necessary to follow the instructions given by the doctor.

How Gliclazide 40mg works?
Gliclazide 40mg assists in controlling of bloods sugar levels in the body as it is an active ingredient from the class of sulfonylurea and it operates by exciting the pancreas beta cells.
This consecutively generates insulin which normalizes the carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body.

Where to find Glizid 40mg?
Gliclazide 40mg is a prescribed drug which can be easily bought from any online medical store. These online stores not only provide genuine quality drugs but also provide them at great rates along with huge discounts and deals.

Gliclazide 40mg Side effects
Some of the common side effects observed during consumption of Gliclazide 40mg are gastrointestinal disorder such as diarrhea, nausea, constipation and vomiting, bloating, skin reactions like urticaria, pruritis, rashes, hives and flushing, headache and dizziness, bleeding problems, eyes and skin turning yellow, problems related to visions.

Gliclazide 40mg - Interaction with other drug
It is believed that Gliclazide 40mg may interact with other drugs as well, so it is essential to consult your doctor before consuming this medication. Some of the medicines that can interact with Gliclazide 40mg are Diuretics, Phenytoin, Rifampin, Corticosteroids, Beta blockers, Miconazole, Sulphonamides, Estrogens, Allopurinol, Caffeine, Cimetidine, Vitamin k, Phenylbutazone, Salicylates, Corticosteroids.