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Melalite Forte Cream

Melalite Forte Cream
Melalite Forte Cream
Active Ingredients
Generic Brand for
4% Gel
Manufacture by
Mepromax Lifesciences Pvt Ltd
Tube Pack
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1 Tube $5.10 $5.10
5 Tube $4.90 $4.90

Product Description

Melalite 4% - 30 gm Cream
Hydroquinone 4% 30mg help in the reduction of melanin. It is extensively used in skin care products. It is often recommended for skin acne scars.

How does Hydroquinone 4% 30mg work?
Melanin gives the brown color to the skin. The medication contains phenol which decreases the production of melanin. Melanin is present in melanocyte cells. The drug is found to inhibit the production of melanin by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase which is the enzyme that produces melanin.

How to take Hydroquinone 4% 30mg?
The initial dosage is usually a small amount which is the recommended dose. The application of the cream should be increased or decreased depending on the response. The doctor is the right person to decide the dosage. Talk to your doctor in case of any queries. Alustra medication is available over the counter without a prescription.

Side effects of Hydroquinone 4% 30mg
Side effects include itching, rashes, numbness, irritation, redness and burning sensation. Seek medical attention in case the symptoms worsen.


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