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Acyclovir Dispersible Tablets 200mg

Acyclovir Dispersible Tablets 200mg

Acyclovir Dispersible Tablets 200mg
Acyclovir Dispersible Tablets 200mg

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Acyclovir Dispersible Tablets 200mg

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About Acyclovir Dispersible Tablets 200mg

How does Acyclovir Dispersible Tablets 200mg?

Acyclovir Dispersible Tablets 200mg

What are Acyclovir Dispersible Tablets 200mg?
It is a guano sine analogue antiviral drug. It is a most commonly used antiviral drug used for treatment of herpes virus, infections, varicella zoster or chicken pox, herpes zoster or shingles. Acyclovir Tablets 200mg is used for treatment of genital herpes and for herpes of eye or for any such medical condition as described by the doctor.

Acyclovir Tablets 200mg-Important Information
Any hypersensitivity to Acyclovir or any other medication should be reported to doctor. If you are undergoing any illness treatment or taking any medication then inform doctor before taking this medicine.

How Acyclovir Tablets 200mg work?
Acyclovir Tablets 200mg functions by diminishing the development as well as the spreads of the virus. It will not cure herpes but may reduce symptoms of the infections. Dose should be taken as prescribed by the doctor. It should be administered for full length of time prescribed for.

Acyclovir tablets 200mg-Side Effects
Some side effects like nausea, diarrhea, bleeding, headache, urinating problem or any other symptom may occur. If any symptom becomes severe consult your doctor immediately.

Where to find Acyclovir Dispersible Tablets 200mg?
You my buy Acyclovir Dispersible Tablets 200mg medicine at any of the well reputed online drug pharmacies. They avail good discounts, cheap rates, easy payment facility, free home delivery facility. You may compare and choose the one that suits you best.