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Amantrel 100mg

Amantrel 100mg

Amantrel 100mg
Amantrel 100mg

Generic name

Amantadine Hcl.

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Amantrel 100mg

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30 Capsules $8.15

About Amantrel 100mg

How does Amantrel 100mg?

What is Amantrel 100mg?
Amantadine Hcl is an anti-virus drug. Amantadine HCL in Amantrel 100mg stops the virus action. It is basically used to treat and halt Influenza A, an infection caused by virus. The drug is also recommended for treating Parkinsonís illness which causes shakiness and stiffness in the body.

Amantadine Hcl 100mg - Important Information
Patient must inform the doctor about any intake of nasal vaccine in last two weeks. Doctor should also be informed of patientís conditions like- pregnancy, lactation, liver problem, seizure, kidney issue, low blood pressure, any mental illness in past, epilepsy, eczema, suicide attempt, glaucoma, any addiction to alcohol or some drug.

How Amantadine Hcl 100mg works?
Amantadine Hcl stops the virus multiplication and halts the virus actions in the body. As per prescription of doctor, patients should follow the dosages of drugs.

Where to find Amantrel 100mg?
Amantrel 100mg can be purchased from online medical stores. Licensed and renowned online pharmacies provide very simple to understand dealings on their websites which easily enables customers to place their orders. They also offer drugs at low prices.

Amantadine Hcl 100mg- Side effects
Some possible side issues are- dizziness, sleeping problem, nausea, nervousness, headache, vision changes, upset stomach, mouth dryness, breath shortness, mood changes, feet swelling, depression, seizures, stiffness of muscle, urinating difficulty, skin spots, etc. Any such sign should be immediately informed to doctor.