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Angizem 30mg

Angizem 30mg
Angizem 30mg
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Angizem 30mg comes in the classification of calcium channel blockers that helps in curing the patients suffering from hypertension, angina attacks, and certain heart rhythm disorders. Diltiazem medicine works by comforting the blood bowls in the body and heart and decreases the heart rate. Blood can pass easily onto the heart without pumping hard by the heart

Diltiazem 30mg drug dosage and administration
Diltiazem dose of 30mg must be taken after consideration by a medical practitioner. For a daily dose, Diltiazem 30mg can be opted 3 times to 4 times by mouth

Useful information about the Diltiazem 30mg
After taking the medicine, a patient might feel unconscious. Avoid driving or doing any important task Leaving high blood pressure medicines on your own might be risky for your health. Take your medical practitioner's advice regularly.
If a patient has any kind of health problem like a history of heart attacks, liver or kidney disorder must consult their medical practitioner for proper treatment

Side effects of the Diltiazem 30mg drug
During the treatment, a patient might get affected with few adverse effects of the medicine which should be a cure on time. Such signs are constipation, low blood pressure, pounding heartbeats, nausea, fever, dizziness, swelling over any part of the body, rashes on the body, stomach pain, hot flashes, loss of appetite, etc

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