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Angizem CD 90mg

Angizem CD 90mg
Angizem CD 90mg
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Angizem CD 90mg treatment stays in the class of calcium channel blockers, a remedial source for the patients suffering from hypertension, angina attacks, and certain heart rhythm disorders. The Diltiazem drug mechanisms by relaxing the plasma bowls of the body and lessens the heart rate and let the heart not to pump hard. This way high blood pressure comes in a normal state.

Angizem CD 90mg dosage and administration
Diltiazem medication is available in various dosages such as 30mg, 60mg, 90mg, and 120mg. always take the medicine according to medical practitioners' recommendations as it completely depends on the health of the patient. A dosage of 90mg can be taken 3 times per day.

Useful information about the Diltiazem 90mg medication
After consuming the Diltiazem drug, it is advisable not to do any task requires full concentration as it can make you dizzy. So rest for few minutes before you restart your work.
Diltiazem medication recommended for hypertension. It is a cure but does not completely treat your problem. A patient has to take the medicine for the long term and stop the drug only after medical practitioner approval.

Side effects of the Diltiazem 90mg drug
When taking the treatment of the medicine, a patient receives few adverse effects which should be noted and told the medical practitioners for instant medical help. Such symptoms are constipation, low blood pressure, pounding heartbeats, nausea, fever, dizziness, swelling over any part of the body, rashes on the body, stomach pain, hot flashes, loss of appetite, etc

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