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Azithral 500mg

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Shop Azithral 500mg

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Azithral 500mg

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About Azithral 500mg

How does Azithral 500mg?

Azithral (Azithromycin) is Used to treat various bacterial infections. It's an antibiotic of the macrolide form, and is sometimes also referred to as Zithromax. This medication is not effective in treating viral infections. Bacterial infections treated can include upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) such as pharyngitis and acute otitis, lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs) including acute pneumonia and bronchitis, uncomplicated genital Infections including cervicitis and urethritis, skin and soft tissue infections (SSTIs) including pyoderma and furuncolosis in addition to some other conditions not listed here.

Dosage Indication
Consistently Follow the instructions provided by your doctor. Never self-medicate or fix your dosage unless you've been specifically advised to do so with a qualified health care professional.
The Typical dose for adults taking Azee (Azithromycin) is between 250mg And 500mg, and can be taken each day for a span 3 times. When treating Genital infections such as Chlamydia it's normally prescribed as a Single dose. Elderly and young patients will generally require a reduced dosage. Dosing can either be done on an empty or a Complete stomach, The severity by dosing alongside a snack or meal.

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