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Buy B-Bact Ointment Online

B-Bact Ointment

B-Bact Ointment
B-Bact Ointment

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Bactobran 2




Bactobran 2 %-5gm

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B-Bact Ointment

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About B-Bact Ointment

This medication is used to treat wounds which have become infected; it can be a cut or stitches. It is used in treatment of impetigo, eradication of nasal colonization with staphylococci aureus and for any secondary skin infections. It is to be used only on skin.

B-Bact cream-Important Information
If any allergic reaction occurs discontinue using this cream. It is not to be used for children below the age of two years. Consult doctor before using in case of pregnancy and lactation.

How does Bactobran 7.5mg cream work?
Mupirocin the active ingredient in T Bact cream, blocks the activity of an enzyme in bacteria, which helps bacteria in making protein. So the bacteria die. The medication is to be applied on the affected area 3 times in a day. Wash hands and clean the affected area before applying Bactobran cream.

Bactobran 7.5mg cream-Side Effects
Certain side effects like rashes, burning, inflammation, swelling, headache, nausea, allergies or any other effect may develop. Seek immediate medical help if any symptom becomes severe.