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Bactroban 5gm

Bactroban 5gm

Bactroban 5gm
Bactroban 5gm

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Bactobran 2




5 Gm

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Bactroban 5gm

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About Bactroban 5gm

How does Bactroban 5gm?

Bactroban 5gm

Bactroban Topical Uses
Mupirocin ointment is a topical treatment used for treatment of bacterial infections of skin. Manufactured by GSK Pharma, the drug is utilized for the treating Impetigo, a communicable skin infection in infants and children marked by formation of blisters and sores. Mupirocin is the main ingredient of Mupirocin topical which works by hampering the bacterial infection in body.

Mupirocin Topical Dosage and Administration
Mupirocin ointment must be applied externally on the external skin. Clean and dry the infected skin region before application. Apply a small quantity of Mupirocin ointment usually thrice a day or as advised by the physician. Avoid applying the medication in nose, eyes and mouth. In case it enters any of these areas mistakenly, rinse well using water.

Mupirocin Topical Side Effects
Mupirocin topical side effects are itching, peeling, blistering, burning, redness of face, excessive dryness and skin irritation.

Mupirocin Topical Precautions
Avoid applying Mupirocin medication if you are allergic to the medication.
Use Mupirocin cream for the full length of time.
If symptoms do not improve in 3-5 days, talk with your doctor.

Bactroban Topical Buying Info
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Online pharmacies deliver order at a rapid pace and in case of grievances; the staff carefully listen to customers and address concerns.