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Butop 15gm cream

Butop 15gm cream

Butop 15gm cream
Butop 15gm cream

Generic name

Butenafine Hcl

US Brand

Butop Cream





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Butop 15gm cream

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6 PACKs $51.60
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PACK $9.52

About Butop 15gm cream

How does Butop 15gm cream?

What is Butop 15gm cream?
Butenafine Hcl 15gm Cream is an antifungal anti biotic cream used in treatment of infections caused by fungus. It is used in treatment of fungal skin infections like jock itch, athletes foot, ringworm, and yeast infections. It may also be prescribed for skin condition pityriasis that is darkening of skin in some areas.

Butenafine Hcl 15gm cream-Important Information
Wash your hands and clean infected parts before applying Butop 15gm. Avoid contact of this medicine with eyes, mouth or lips or if contacted wash the area properly. Any hypersensitivity to any medication should be informed to the doctor.

How does Butenafine Hcl 15gm cream works and dosage
Butenafine Hcl 15gm cream works by making the fungal cell membrane weak. This should be applied in exact amount as prescribed by the doctor. Do not cover the infected area after applying the cream. Apply it for the prescribed length of time.

Butenafine Hcl 15gm cream-Side Effects
Certain side effects like itching, burning, swellings on the area applied may occur. Some sort of hives, allergies or swellings may develop. Seek medical help if any symptom becomes serious.

Where to find Butop 15gm cream?
You may buy Butop 15gm online from any of the well reputed drug pharmacies. You may not have to venture out of your home; some of these pharmacies provide cheap or free home delivery.
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