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DesOwen 0.0005 Cream

DesOwen 0.0005 Cream
DesOwen 0.0005 Cream
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10 gm
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Product Description

What is DesOwen 0.0005 Cream?
Desonide is a major ingredient of DesOwen Cream. It is used for treatment of various skin problems, such as- rashes, dermatitis, eczema, or allergies. The cream helps in reduction of redness, itching, or swelling.

Desonide 0.0005 Cream - Important Information
Before using this cream, inform the doctor about- pregnancy, lactation, any allergies, or any skin infection like- reduced flow of blood to skin, cuts etc. Patients should also inform the doctor about ailments, like- tuberculosis, shingles, measles, chickenpox, or any other medication.

How Desonide 0.0005 Cream works?
Desonide Cream works by reducing skin swelling, redness, inflammation, or swelling. Apply the cream as per directions given by doctor and on the packet, depending upon the problem of patients skin.

Where to find DesOwen 0.0005 Cream?
DesOwen 0.0005 Cream is conveniently available with online pharmacies. Licensed pharmacies have made the booking procedure very simple and quick. Customers can very easily get safe drugs at low rates.

Desonide 0.0005 Cream - Side effects
Applying this cream may result into certain reactions like- slight burning, temporary stinging, acne rashes, irritation, skin discoloration, thinning, swelling, softening, or some severe allergic reactions.
Doctors assistance should be taken in case of any bothersome conditions.

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