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Campicillin 250mg

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Shop Campicillin 250mg

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Campicillin 250mg

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About Campicillin 250mg

How does Campicillin 250mg?

Campicillin 250mg is also sold under the generic name of Ampicillin. It is an anti-bacterial drug which fights against various bacterial infections, like- pneumonia, ear infection, gonorrhea, bladder infection and salmonella infection

Ampicillin 250mg - Important Information
Doctor must be clearly informed in case of any medical past of any allergy, blood clot problems, kidney disorder, mononucleosis or asthma. This drug is not recommended for patients who are allergic to this drug, to cephalosporins, or to antibiotics of penicillin.

How Campicillin 250mg works?
Being an anti-biotic, this drug checks the production of bacteria in the body. v works best on an empty stomach, so it should be consumed before or after proper gap among meals. The dosage of drug is prescribed to patients as per their level of infection.

Where to find Campicillin 250mg?
Ampicillin 250mg can be purchased from any licensed online medical store. A renowned store also provides huge deals and discounts. Reliable online chemist also assures safe medicines at reasonable rates. Within pharmacys mentioned business hours, it also offers free home delivery.

Ampicillin 250mg Side effects
Certain possible reactions, some patients may feel are- headache, nausea, fever, diarrhea, body ache, swollen tongue, lesser urinating, weakness, vaginal itching, seizure, thrush, unusual thoughts, easy bleeding, etc. Doctor must be immediately consulted in case of any side effects.

Ampicillin 250mg - Interaction with other drug
The drug must be carefully consumed, watching its interaction with other drugs, to check its effects in patients body.
If some other medication is also going on or is expected to start, it must be informed to doctor, only then treatment of this drug is suggested to begin. Omnipen majorly interacts with- rheumatrex, methotrexate, folex, otrexup, trexall, and many more.