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Candid Cream 15gm

Candid Cream 15gm

Candid Cream 15gm
Candid Cream 15gm

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Candid B





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Candid Cream 15gm

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About Candid Cream 15gm

How does Candid Cream 15gm?

What is Candid Cream 15gm?
Clotrimazole Cream is an effective combo cream that is antibiotic as well as antifungal. Clotrimazole is basically a treatment for fungal infections. It is chiefly used to treat infections of skin, such as- jock itch, yeast infection, athlete’s foot or ringworm.

Clotrimazole Cream 15gm - Important Information
Although Clotrimazole medicine is very effective if applied exactly as per doctor’s advice, it also does not have a tendency to cause any harm to pregnant women or nursing mothers or their babies. Still, doctor’s suggestion must surely be taken to avoid any chances of risks.

How Clotrimazole Cream 15gm works?
The cream weakens the membrane of cell of some fungi. And it cures internal rashes caused due to fungus. The cream also helps the patient to get relief from inflammation and itching. The dosage of the cream needs to be as per doctor’s prescription as per patient’s condition, and for as long as the prescription period lasts.

Where to find Candid Cream 15gm?
Candid Cream can be very easily found on online chemists. Registered pharmacies have designed their websites that it has become very easy for everyone to deal with, book their medicines for less prices and get free home delivery within the mentioned period of time.

Clotrimazole Cream 15gm- Side effects
Possible side issues of this cream are- tenderness, swelling, burning, irritation, bumps, flaking, redness, or stinging. Any such trouble caused must be consulted with doctor to seek immediate medical help.