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Danogen 100mg

Danogen 100mg
Danogen 100mg
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Product Description

What is Danogen 100Mg?
Danogen 100mg has an active ingredient Danazol. It is a steroid, which is a kind of medication called Gonadotrophin inhibitor. It is mainly used to treat endometriosis, in which the tissue which lines the womb is found on organs out of womb. The drug is also the treatment for hereditary angioedema, nodules, and fibrocystic breast pain.

Danazol 100Mg -Important Information
The drug is not recommended for patients who are pregnant, or nursing, or suffering from hypersensitivity, impairment of kidney, liver disorder, vaginal bleeding, etc. Doctor must be consulted in case of any such medical condition.

How Danazol 100Mg works?
The impact of Danazol is directly on the pituitary gland and ovaries. It works by preventing the production of some particular hormones. Based on patients condition, the dosage of drug should be as per doctors direction.

Where to find Danogen 100Mg?
Danogen 100Mg is available with online medical stores. Licensed and reputed online pharmacies have made it very convenient for customers to place order of drugs online paying reasonable amount and get free home delivery within few working hours.

Danazol 100Mg - Side effects
Some patients might experience issues such as- breathing problems, vaginal discomfort, acne, weight gain, vision problems, flushing, mood changes, headaches, irregular menstrual cycle, decreased sex drive, abnormal growth of hair, reduced breast size, jaundice, etc.
Doctor should be contacted for any such trouble.

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