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Danogen 200mg

Danogen 200mg
Danogen 200mg
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Product Description

What is Danogen 200Mg?
Danazol is an active ingredient in danogen 200mg. The drug is used to treat fibrocystic breast pain, nodules, hereditary angioedema and majorly endometriosis, wherein the tissue develops on organs outside womb, which is supposed to line the womb.,br>
Danazol 200Mg - Important Information
Pregnant women and lactating mothers must consult the doctor before taking Danazol 200mg drug. Patients should inform the doctor about their ailments, like- vaginal bleeding, hypersensitivity, liver disease, kidney problems, or any other medical problem.

How Danazol 200Mg works?
Being a synthetic steroid, danazol, affects pituitary gland and ovaries. It works by checking on the production of some specific hormones. As per prescription of doctor, the patient should follow the dosages of drug.

Where to find Danogen 200Mg?
Danogen 200Mg is easily found with various online chemists. The websites provide very easy and quick dealings, in no time a customer can place and receive the order of drugs paying low and reasonable amount.

Danazol 200Mg - Side effects
In rare cases, there is possibility of- pain in abdomen, jaundice, flushing, gain of weight, acne, breathing problem, change in voice, discomfort in vagina, irregular menstrual cycle, change in vision, headache, reduced sex drive, hair growth abnormal, etc.
Any serious reactive symptom should be reported to doctor.

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