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Glypride 2mg

Glypride 2mg
Glypride 2mg
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Product Description

Glypride 2mg-Drug Information
Generic Glimepiride 2mg is an oral diabetes medication that is used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. This OTS medication Glimepiride 2mg is sometimes used with insulin and other drugs if needed. This medicine helps control blood sugar levels and is used with diet and exercise to help treat the condition.

Glimepiride 2mg-Points to be Noted
Ensure while taking Glypride 2mg that you blood sugar does not get too low. This condition can occur for several reasons such as skipping a meal, being under stress, exercising too long or drinking alcohol.Glimepiride 2mg should not be taken if you are in a state of diabetic ketoacidosis.

Interaction with other drugs
Carefully consume the Glimepiride 2mg drugs with other medications as it might cause serious health issue. such drugs are blood thinners like warfarin, sulfa drugs, other diabetes drugs, etc. also it is noticed that actos shown negative results when consumed with herbal products and over the counter drugs. it is better to have your doctor's advice first before taking any medication.

Side effects of Glypride 2mg
Consumption of Glimepiride medication may results some negative effects such as yellow urine, flu symptoms, nausea, throat infection, fever, weakness etc. it is highly recommendable to call your doctor or visit your doctor and tell him the situation.

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