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Eptoin 50mg

Eptoin 50mg

Eptoin 50mg
Eptoin 50mg

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Eptoin 50mg

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About Eptoin 50mg

How does Eptoin 50mg?

Eptoin 50mg-Drug Information
Phenytoin 50mg is a generic drug that is used to control seizures. This over-the-counter medicine works by slowing down the impulses in the brain that cause seizures. It is an anti-epileptic medication however it might not treat all types of seizures. It is up to your doctor to decide if it is right medicine for you.

Phenytoin-Points to be Noted
Do not start taking Phenytoin 50mg without asking your doctor if you become pregnant. This drug can harm the unborn baby. It is very important to ask your health care provider if you are suffering from seizures during pregnancy to stop taking Phenytoin 50mg or not since a seizure could harm both the baby and the mother. Do not take this medication if you are allergic to It or if you are also taking delavirdine.

Phenytoin 50mg-Dosing Information
Ask your doctor about the dosage of Phenytoin 50mg. Swallow Eptoin 50mg whole. Do not cruch, chew, break or open an extended-release capsule. Do not take Phenytoin capsule that has changed colors. Shake it well and measure it with the dosing syringe before taking Phenytoin 50mg oral suspension (liquid).

Eptoin 50mg-What are the Side Effects?
Call your physician right away if you experience panic attacks, anxiety, mood or behavior changes, trouble sleeping or if you feel hyperactive, more depressed, agitated, irritable, restless, aggressive, hostile or thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself.

Where to Buy Phenytoin 50mg?
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