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Buy Cabgolin 0.25mg Online

Cabgolin 0.25mg

Cabgolin 0.25mg
Cabgolin 0.25mg

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0.25 Mg

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Sun Pharma

Cabgolin 0.25mg

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About Cabgolin 0.25mg

How does Cabgolin 0.25mg?

Cabgolin 0.25mg
Cabergoline 0.25mg also known as a dopamine receptor agonist required to dropping the amount of prolactin hormone that comes from the pituitary gland. The medication taken for the healing of hormone imbalance where so many prolactins in the blood release called hyperprolactinemia.

Useful information about the Cabergoline 0.25mg drug
The medicine has the main component cabergoline which might cause allergic reactions on few patients, avoid it if you are one of them
The usage of the medicine is not recommended if you are a patient of hypertension, heart valve disorder, history of heart attacks, pregnant etc.
The dosage of the drug should be continued for next 6 months and taken only 2 times a week. Change in drug dose might affect badly on health
The medicine might induce your urges for sex and gambling, than its a call to meet your doctor urgently.
Regularly blood test required during the treatment of Cabgolin 0.25mg drug. Do not forget about it
After taking Cabergoline 0.25mg, a patient might feel dizzy, so avoid getting up too fast from lying position

Side effects of the Cabergoline 0.25mg drug
Cabergoline 0.25mg might cause few negative symptom on a patient which should be treated on time. Such signs are lower back pain, swelling on feet and ankles, loss of appetite, chest discomfort, fever, dry cough, short of breath, urination less than usual, depression, mood swings, tingly feeling, indigestion, hot flashes, constipation, nervousness etc.

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