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Drotin 40mg

Drotin 40mg

 Drotin 40mg
 Drotin 40mg

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Drotin 40mg

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About Drotin 40mg

How does Drotin 40mg?

What is Drotin 40mg?
Drotaverine 40mg is an antispasmodic drug used to relieve the symptoms of pain and dysfunction of the muscles caused by muscle spasm.

Drotaverine 40mg-Important Information
Drotaverine 40mg should not be taken by people suffering from severe kidney, liver or heart disease. Pregnant and lactating women should consult the doctor before taking this medication. It should not be taken by patients suffering from acute bowel obstructions.

How Drotaverine 40mg works?
Drotaverine 40mg is a non- anticholinergic agent that has antispasmodic properties and relaxes the muscles by inhibiting phosphodiesterase upon administration. This eases away any muscle pain or spasm.

Where to find Drotin 40mg?
Drotin 40mg can be bought safely from reliable FDA approved online pharmacies. One can get discounted prices and other reordering benefits if ordered from online pharmacies.

Drotaverine 40mg-Side effects
Administration of Drotaverine 40mg may cause side effects such as vomiting, nausea, headache, dizziness, fainting and dry mouth. In case of severe side effects do consult your health care provider.