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Duolin Inhaler 70mcg

Duolin Inhaler 70mcg
Duolin Inhaler 70mcg
Active Ingredients
levosalbutamol and Ipratropium
Generic Brand for
200mcg & 200 spray
Manufacture by
Cipla India
Inhaler Pack 200mcg
Pack Size Unit price Qty Gross Total
2 Inhaler $12.50 $12.50
4 Inhaler $10.50 $10.50

Product Description

What Is Duolin Inhaler?

Duolin Inhaler used for treatment of contracted air pipes that cause breathing problems, which further is the reason for bronchitis, asthma. Breath shortness and chest contraction are the foremost indications for inflammation. Duolin Inhaler contains Levosalbutamol and Ipratropium Bromide As active components. Levosalbutamol is responsible for the relaxation of the muscles in the walls of the airways. Ipratropium Bromide operates by supplying relief from asthma and related conditions. It helps in reversing the attack of difficulty in breathing.

Duolin Inhaler is for inhalation only. Inhalation requires approximately 5-15 minutes. Duolin Inhaler is for 4 years old and over only. Utilize Duolin Inhaler from nebulization. inhaling. Washing of the mouth after using can prevent any infections. Duolin inhaler is usually used after eating a meal. Inform your doctor Before you will stop.



Duolin Inhaler - Important Information

Before you start taking this medication, make sure that you have carefully read the patient leaflet information. Bronchodilators that are in Duolin inhaler are- ipratropium and levosalbutamol. These both constituents together ease out the air pipe muscles. Regular usage of the inhaler controls asthma attacks, but it is not effectual one the attack has begun. If you are unsure of how to properly use the inhaler, ask your Physician to provide you with clear and concise instructions. It is also possible to consult with this packaging for additional info.

In case, you are suffering from sudden shortness of breath then do not use Duolin inhaler. To get relief from sudden shortness of breath, you need to use a rescue inhaler. However, it is important for you to use the inhaler in the right technique so that you get quick results.





How to Use Duolin Inhaler?

After one completely informs about the irregularities or problems they are facing to the doctor, the doctor suggests the suitable dosage and duration of this medication. Daily intake at the same time helps to control the intensity of attacks. Duolin is available as two different strength formulas, and you'll want to use the formula that your doctor prescribes most appropriate for your problem.

The required daily number of actuations or sprays may change based on individual conditions, including the seriousness of the medical background of the individual. In all situations, the doctor providing treatment will notify the individual how many times it's to be administered every day. The inhaler includes enough medication to administer 200 metered doses. You're advised to keep tabs on how much medication was used and also to correctly eliminate this inhaler when all the medication has been completely employed. You can see the effects of the medication after a few days but the maximum effects will be seen after one week.





Side Effects and Precaution

The worst side effect of the medication in rarest cases can be worsening of asthma, otherwise, the side effects are fever, headache, restlessness, weakness, and more. These depend upon the immunity of one body and the response one gives to the treatment. Though the side effects of Duolin inhaler can be prevented by rinsing your mouth & throat with water. Therefore, if you come across any of these side effects, immediately consult your doctor.





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