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Duova Rotacaps

Duova Rotacaps
Duova Rotacaps
Active Ingredients
Tiotropium Bromide + Formoterol
Generic Brand for
Duova Rotacaps
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Rotacaps Bottle Pack
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Product Description

What is Duova Rotacaps?
Duova Rotacaps is used as long term maintenance treatment of symptoms caused due to COPD that is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It helps easing symptoms like wheezing, chronic cough, tightness in chest etc caused due to bronchospasm or chronic asthma.

Duova Rotacaps -Important Information
If you are allergic to any medication then inform your doctor before using this. If you are pregnant or have any other serious illness then inform doctor. Do not swallow Rotacaps take with inhalation only.

How Tiotropium Formoterol Rotacaps work and dosage
This medication works as a bronchodilator and helps smooth muscles and increases mucus secretion from nasal passage and bronchioles. It helps relax airways muscle and makes breathing easier. Dosage should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor. It depends on condition and severity of the disease.

Tiotropium +Formoterol Rotacaps-Side Effects
In some cases side effects like worsening of breathing, dizziness, nausea, dry throat, any allergy or any other symptom may occur. If any symptom takes a serious turn take immediate medical help.

Where to find Duova Rotacaps?
Duova Rotacaps is available online in any of the registered online drug pharmacies. You may be lucky enough to get a good discount.
Some go to extent of providing free home delivery and easy payment facilities too.

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