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Eflora Cream

Eflora Cream
Eflora Cream
Active Ingredients
Eflornithine (13.9% W/w)
Generic Brand for
Eflora Cream
13.9% W/w
Manufacture by
Sun Pharma
Tube Pack
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1 Pack $18.50 $18.50
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Product Description

Eflora cream is mainly a medicinal cream that is utilized for the effects of excessive facial growth. It is very good at slowing down the growth of unwanted hair on the face as well as under the chin in women.
Remember one thing that this cream should strictly not be used for hair on other parts of your body. This medicinal cream works by blocking a certain natural substance which is required for hair growth in the skin.
The effect of Eflora cream helps in slowing down the growth of hair and also assists in making the hair finer and lighter. This medication is not known for removing hair or causing the hair to fall out.
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How you should use eflora cream?
Before you start using this cream make sure that you carefully read the patient information leaflet and even after that you have any kind of questions, consult your doctor once.
You need to apply the thin layer of this medicine only on the affected areas of your face and chin. Make sure that you apply this medication twice a day with a gap of 8 hours or as directed by your doctor.
You should not apply this medicine for at least 5 minutes after hair removal like shaving & plucking. For at least four hours, you should not wash the treated area.
After using this product, you should immediately wash your hands. Since this medicine is only for use on the skin so avoid it getting into your mouth, eyes or nose.
Once the medicine is completely dried then start applying the sunscreens, cosmetics & moisturizers over the treated areas. Since this medicine works slowly, so you will be able to see the results within 4 to 8 weeks.
It is important for you to use the medication exactly in the same manner as prescribed by your doctor. If you see that your skin become red or irritated then immediately contact your doctor.

What are the side effects?
There are chances that you might suffer from tingling, burning, redness or stinging of the skin. You need to contact your doctor immediately if you see that these conditions persist or worsen.
Some of the major & minor side effects of this medication include:
• Abnormal skin growth
• Acne
• Skin rash
• Dry skin
• Reddened or sore skin
• Itching of skin
Although a very severe allergic reaction to this medicine is very rare but if you suffer from symptoms like trouble in breathing, rash, swelling of face, throat & tongue, serious dizziness and itching.

Usage of Elfora cream during pregnancy
This medicine is not safe for usage during pregnancy so it is better to consult your doctor well in advance about all the benefits and risks.

Usage of Elfora during breastfeeding
Although this medication is safe to use during pregnancy but still it is recommended to consult your doctor once.

What precautions do you need to take before using this medicine?
It is very important for you to inform your doctor well in advance in case you are allergic eflornithine or you are suffering from any other allergies. Since this medication contains certain inactive ingredients that might cause allergic reactions to you.
Inform your doctor beforehand about your medical history mainly of sores on face, cuts & infections. Also, tell your doctor about all the other medicines that you are using like herbal products, prescription & non-prescription medicines.
Therefore, remember that this topical medicine is good at slowing down the facial hair growth but not preventing it.