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Enablex / Darifenacin XR / Vesigard 7.5mg

Enablex / Darifenacin XR / Vesigard 7.5mg

Vesigard 7.5mg
Vesigard 7.5mg

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Darifenacin XR





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Enablex / Darifenacin XR / Vesigard 7.5mg

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30 PILLs $15.94

About Enablex / Darifenacin XR / Vesigard 7.5mg

How does Enablex / Darifenacin XR / Vesigard 7.5mg?

What is Vesigard 7.5mg?
Darifenacin in Enablex is an anti muscarinic medicine used in treatment of over active bladder. It helps reducing urinary urgency, urinary incontinence and urinary frequency. It may be prescribed for any such conditions as prescribed for by the doctor.

Enablex 7.5mg-Imporatnt Information
In case of any serious medical illness inform doctor before use like-glaucoma, colitis, liver disease, and blockage in stomach, pregnancy, lactation or any other disease. Inform doctor if you use alcohol or if you smoke tobacco.

How does Enablex 7.5mg work?
This medication containing Darifenacin works by relaxing bladder muscles and also helps reduce muscle spasms of bladder and urinary tract. Recommended dose in an adult is 7.5mg once daily. Doctor may increase the dose if required. Strictly follow doctors prescription when taking this medication.

Enablex 7.5mg-Side Effects
Certain side effects like diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, abdominal; pain or any other effect may be seen. Consult doctor immediately if any symptom becomes severe.

Where to find Vesigard 7.5mg?
You may buy Vesigard 7.5mg medicine online from any of the genuine online drug pharmacies. These online pharmacies provide genuine drugs at a cheap rate. They also give good discounts and free home delivery facility.
Some provide 24 hour service and easy payment facility too.