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Aziderm Cream 10 % (15gm)

Aziderm Cream 10 % (15gm)

Aziderm Cream 10 % (15gm)
Aziderm Cream 10 % (15gm)

Generic name

Azelaic Acid

US Brand

Finaceia Cream





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Aziderm Cream 10 % (15gm)

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PACK $6.40

About Aziderm Cream 10 % (15gm)

How does Aziderm Cream 10 % (15gm)?

Aziderm Cream 10% Uses
Azelaic acid 10% from Vision Pharmaceuticals is prescribed to patients suffering from acne vulgaris. The drug contains Azelaic acidindicated for the treatment of mild to moderate acne and Rosacea by inhibiting the process of protein synthesis in bacteria. The medication treats acne effects already visible in skin and possible acne outbreaks.

Azelaic acid 10% Dosage and Administration
Azelaic acid 10% must be used as prescribed the doctor. Use the medication for recommended course of time. Azelaic acid Cream 10% must be applied externally on clean and dried skin. For wiping out the medication, use a mild cleanser. Avoid putting bandages or other coverings on affected skin region.

Azelaic acid 10% Side Effects
Azelaic acid 10% side effects are skin dryness, skin pain, inflammation, skin rashes, itching, tingling, redness, skin discoloration, mild irritation, stinging and respiratory troubles.

Azelaic acid 10% Precautions
Avoid using Aziderm Cream 10% if you are allergic towards the medication.
If you have a history or are suffering from cold sores and asthma, seek doctors advice on using Azelaic acid 10%.
Do not use Aziderm Cream 10% on burnt, chapped, blistered and peeled skin.

Aziderm Cream 10% Buying Info
Aziderm Cream 10%can be reliably purchased from online pharmacies based in US. Customers can avail brilliant benefits here ranging from free medications on bulk purchase, reasonable rates, rapid home delivery, discounted coupons and support from medical experts 24*7.