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Buy Humog Inj. 150 I.U. Online

Humog Inj. 150 I.U.

Humog Inj. 150 I.U.
Humog Inj. 150 I.U.

Generic name

Menotropin Injection

US Brand

Humog Injection





Manufacture by

Bharat Serums Pvt. Ltd

Humog Inj. 150 I.U.

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1 Pack $52.16 $52.16

About Humog Inj. 150 I.U.

What is Humog Inj.150 I.U.?
Humoj Inj.150 I.U medication is used in treatment of Infertility, delayed puberty, hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism, defective spermatogenesis, and cryptorchidism. It is indicated in women for induction of ovulation in amenorrhea patient or anovulatory women with regular or irregular cycles.

Human Menopausal Inj.150 I.U.-Important Information
It is very important to take this medicine under medical supervision. Doctors may need to perform certain skin tests or ultrasounds while taking of this medication. If there is any endocrine disorder, stop medication immediately and take medical help.

How does Human Menopausal Inj.150 I.U work?
In women it stimulates both growth and maturation of follicles and induces increase in estrogen levels, in men it helps production of androgen binding protein in the seminiferous tubules of sertolli cells and stimulates spermatogenesis. Dose differs in both men and women and depends on the medical condition. It may be given daily or on alternate days.

Human Menopausal Inj.150 I.U-Side Effects
In some cases certain side effects may occur like polycystic ovary, pain in lower abdomen, ovarian hyper stimulation, multiple pregnancies, headache, edema or any other symptom may occur. In case any condition becomes serious immediately seek medical help.

Where to find Humog Inj.150 I.U?
Humoj Inj.150 I.U medication can be purchased from any of the genuine online pharmacies. These online pharmacies provide genuine products at reasonable prices and avail great offers like buy one get one free or discount coupons, free shipment etc.