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Isokin 300mg

Isokin 300mg
Isokin 300mg
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What is Isokin 300mg?
Isoniazid in Isokin 300mg is an antituberculosis medication and is indicated for treatment of acute leukemia, vestibular disorders, prophylaxis of TB, tuberculosis, mycobacterium infection. It may also be indicated for prophylaxis and treatment of vitamin B6 deficiency and sideroblastic anemia.

Isoniazid 300mg-Important Information
In case of any allergic reaction towards any medication, inform your doctor. Consult doctor before use in case of pregnancy or breast feeding. Isoniazid 300mg medication may cause dizziness so take precautions while driving or any such activities.

How does Isoniazid 300mg work?
Isoniazid in Isokin is a prodrug, when activated it inhibits synthesis of mycoloic acids, an essential component of bacterial cell wall. Dose depends on the medical condition person is suffering from and severity of the condition. You should take the dose exactly as prescribed by the doctor for the medication to work effectively and for full time prescribed for.

Isoniazid 300mg-Side Effects
Certain side effects like diarrhea, skin rashes, pancreatitis, nausea, seizures, urinary retention, fatigue, muscular weakness or any other side effect may occur. Seek immediate medical help if any symptom becomes severe.

Where to find Isokin 300mg?
Isokin 300mg medication is readily available on any of the well reputed online drug pharmacies. These online drug pharmacies provide various facilities like-easy payment method or cash on delivery; economical prices, discounts, free home delivery and some are open 24x7.

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