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Itaspor 100mg

Itaspor 100mg

Itaspor 100mg
Itaspor 100mg

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Itaspor 100mg

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About Itaspor 100mg

How does Itaspor 100mg?

What is Itaspor 100mg?
Itaspor 100mg is a brand name for itraconazole. It is an anti fungal drug. It prevents growth of several types of fungi. It is also prescribed for systematic infections like candidiasis or aspergillosis. Itraconazole has been recently explored as an anticancer agent for patients with non-small cell lung cancer and prostate cancer.

Itraconazole 100mg-Important Information
This medicine should not be taken if one is allergic to itraconazole or similar medications. The medicine is to be avoided in severe heart problem or pregnancy. Doctor should be informed if you are taking any medicine which may react with itraconazole.

How to take Itraconazole?
Itraconazole 100mg drug may be given orally or intravenously. The capsules should be taken after full meal. Oral solution is to be taken on empty stomach or two hours after meal. Measurement should be exact and as directed by the physician. Frequent blood tests may be required with use of this drug.

Itraconazole 100mg- Side Effects
Medical help should be taken of any of the side effects occur like: swelling of any body part, difficult breathing, fever, pain or burning while passing urine, nausea, severe stomach ache. Some common side effects like constipation, joint pain, headache, dizziness etc may also occur