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Klox D 500mg

Klox D 500mg
Klox D 500mg
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Product Description

What is Klox D 500mg?
Dicloxacillin in Klox D 500mg is an antibiotic belonging to penicillin class of drugs. It is prescribed for the treatment of infections caused by susceptible bacteria, like: staphylococcal skin infections and cellulitis like boils, otitis externa, impetigo etc, Pneumonia, septicemia, urinary tract infection, surgical prophylaxis or any such condition as prescribed for by the doctor.

Dicloxacillin D 500mg-Important Information
Any previous history of allergy to any medications should be reported to doctor. In case of serious illness like renal impairment, heart or any other disease, inform doctor. If going in for any surgery, inform doctor if you are taking Dicloxacillin D.

How does Dicloxacillin D 500mg work?
Dicloxacillin in Klox D works by inhibiting the synthesis of bacterial cell walls. Adult dosage is 125-250mg every 6 hours and child dose is 12.5-25mg/kg/day in 4 divided doses. Dose may again vary depending on individual medical condition, age, sex and other factors involved. Medication should be taken under medical supervision and to be followed exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

Dicloxacillin D 500mg-Side effects
Certain side effects like fever, rashes, joint pains, anemia, diarrhea, convulsions, or any other symptom may exist. Take immediate medical help if any condition worsens.

Where to find Klox D 500mg?
You may buy Klox D 500mg drug online from any of the genuine and cheaply priced online drug pharmacies. You may compare prices and choose the one that suits you.
Some even provide discounts, easy payment facilities and home delivery facility too.

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