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Buy Lamitor 200mg Online

Lamitor 200mg

Lamitor 200mg
Lamitor 200mg

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Torrent Pharma

Lamitor 200mg

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About Lamitor 200mg

How does Lamitor 200mg?

Lemitor 200mg-Drug Information
Lamotrigine is an anti convulsant medicine that is used to treat epileptic seizures in both adults and children. This over-the-counter anti-epileptic drug is used either alone or in combination with other medications to treat seizures. Adults suffering from bipolar disorder (manic depression) are also prescribed Lamotrigine to delay mood episodes.
Immediate-release form of Lamotrigine 200mg can be used in children who are of at least 2 years as part of a combination drug. However, It should not be given to people younger than 16 years as a single medication. Extended-release Lemi

Lemitor-Points to be Noted
The occurrence of a severe or life-threatening skin rash is possible in children and adults who take the high dosage of Lemitor at the start of the treatment. Serious skin rash is more likely to take place if you are taking Lamotrigine 200mg with divalproex (depakote) or valproic acid (depakene).

Lemitor-Dosing Information
Take Lamotrigine just as many times as recommended by your doctor. Swallow Lamotrigine whole without chewing or crushing it with a full glass of water. Every time when you receive the refills check carefully the shape, size and color of this drug since immediate-release and extended-release Lamotrigine are used for different conditions sometimes. So make sure you receive the right medicine to get 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Lemitor-What are the Side Effects?
Get an emergency medical help if you see the first sign of any skin rash howsoever mild, changes in mood or behavior or if you feel irritable, restless or hyperactive (mentally or physically).

Where to Buy Lamotrigine?
Lamotrigine 200mg is available online at discounted prices. You can avail a free home delivery of this drug.