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Buy Careprost 0.03% Solution Online

Careprost 0.03% Solution

Generic  Careprost
Generic  Careprost

Generic name

Bimatoprost 0.03% Solution

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Bottle Pack



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Sun Pharma

Careprost 0.03% Solution

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40 Pack $500.00 $400.00 $12.5 $10
6 Pack $68.00 $11.33
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1 Pack $11.50 $11.5

About Careprost 0.03% Solution

How does Careprost 0.03% Solution?

What is Careprost?
Careprost is a medication required in the treatment of lengthier and thicker eyelashes. It is an eye-solution recommended widely by the healthcare provider to those patients who are suffering from Hypotricosis problem in which there is no or very less eye lashes.
Bimatoprost 3ml with brush online helps the eye lashes to become thicker, lengthier and darker without using any artificial therapy. The drug also required to heal Glaucoma as it erases the amount of fluid in the eyes.

Important information about the medicine
Before using the drug wash your hands and nails properly to avoid any contamination
Follow the drug manual properly as misuse of drug might effect badly on eye. It is mainly applied on the eye lids by sketching a line and used with an eye dropper for glaucoma.
Use the drug only one time a day and when the growth of eye lash improved, apply one time in seven days

What are the side effects of the drug?
Few common side effects of the medicine are itching in the eyes, problem in vision, pain in eyes, sensitive to sunlight, discomfort in eyes, watery eyes, redness, etc. if a patient notice such negative issue, must call to your health care provider and take the necessary precautions.

Where to buy the Product?
buy careprost 3ml with brush online is easily accessible over the counter on cheap rates. Pharmacy Websites are offering season sale to attract more visitors.
Buying drugs online is a harmless and effortlessly method to get the delivery at your doorstep without going anywhere in the market.