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Licab 300mg

Licab 300mg
Licab 300mg
Active Ingredients
Lithium Carbonate
Generic Brand for
300 mg
Manufacture by
Torrent Pharma
Tablets in Blister
Pack Size Unit price Qty Gross Total
30 Tablets $0.12 $0.12

Product Description

What is Licab 300mg?
Lithium in Licab 30mg is a mood stabilizer and is indicated for treatment of certain neurological conditions like: depression, mania, acute hypomania and manic symptoms like- hyperactivity, reduced sleep, anger, aggression etc or for any such other medical conditions as prescribed by the doctor.

Lithium Carbonate 300mg-Important Information
Take medicine as whole and take it with food.It may not be suitable for all so take under medical supervision. Any serious illness or hypersensitivity to nay medication should be reported to doctor.

How does Lithium Carbonate 300mg work?
Lithium is a mood stabilizing agent and restores balance of certain chemicals in the brain to reduce extremes in behavior. For the medicine to work take exactly as per prescription. Do not alter dose without consultation. Dose will depend on severity of disease, age, sex and other factors.

Lithium Carbonate 300mg-Side Effects
In some cases certain adverse symptoms like weakness, diarrhea, tremors, fatigue, fever, memory loss, weight change or any other symptom may exist. Seek medical help if any symptom becomes severe.

Where to find Licab 300mg?
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