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Metolar 25mg

Metolar 25mg
Metolar 25mg
Active Ingredients
Metoprolol Tartrate
Generic Brand for
Toprol XR
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Product Description

Metolar 25mg
Metoprolol-Tartrate 25mg comes in the category of beta-blockers mainly affect the heart by circulating the blood through arteries and veins. The medication helps in curing high blood pressure and angina. It is a preventive drug helps in heart attacks

Useful information about the Metoprolol-Tartrate 25mg
Do take strict advise before starting the treatment in few cases such as severe heart problem, sick sinus syndrome, history of slow heartbeat, severe heart failure etc
If a patient running from asthma, thyroid problem, liver or kidney disorder, diabetes, sleep apnea, or pregnant must consider healthcare recommendation before start.
Always take the drug on same time and with same recommended dosage
Do not forget to consume the medicine with meal or just after food
The drug is required for high blood pressure and should not be stop on your own. Take your doctor advice before leaving the treatment

Side effects of the Metoprolol-Tartrate 25mg
Metoprolol-Tartrate 25mg might show some allergic reaction on patient which should be heal on time. Such signs are slow heartbeats, swelling on face, lips, diarrhea, rashes on body, rapid weight gain, feeling of cold, gastric problem, dizziness, tiring feeling, nausea, loss of memory, confusion, trouble in sleeping etc.

Why buying online?
In this running era, internet is the only solution to get any medicine on time and your table. Without drug, our life is on threat which nobody likes to see.
Always purchase drug from trusted pharmacies with prescription.

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