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Pramipex 1mg

 Pramipexole 1mg
 Pramipexole 1mg

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Pramipex 1mg

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About Pramipex 1mg

Pramipexole 1mg
Pramipexole is a famous drug used for treating the symptoms of Parkinsons disease, a nervous disorder affecting the movement of body. When administered, it cures stiffness in the body, tremors and unsteadiness. The medication is also indicated for treating restless leg syndrome, an urge to move the legs constantly.

Pramipexole Working Mechanism
Pramipexole is a dopamine agonist which treats movement disorders by bringing certain chemical receptors in brain into action. The exact mechanism is still unclear but it is believed that the medication works on Dopamine present in the brain region.

Pramipexole Dosage Facrts
Pramipexole must be consumed as advised by the doctor. Take a pill of Pramipexole with or without food with plain water. Taking this medication with food may result in nausea. Do not increase the dosage yourself and let your doctor do it for you.
Do not stop the consumption suddenly as the withdrawal symptoms are really dangerous, such as muscle stiffness and confusion.
Take Pramipexole same time each day.

Pramipexole Side-effects
Constipation, headache, nausea, vomiting, dryness in mouth, mood changes, irregular heartbeat, excessive tremors, muscle cramps, vision changes and urinating issues are side effects of Pramipexole.

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