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Mycobutol 1000mg

Mycobutol 1000mg
Mycobutol 1000mg
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Product Description

What is Mycobutol 1000Mg?
Ethambutol in Mycobutol 1000mg is an antibiotic element. The drug is prescribed to treat tuberculosis, non-tuberculosis mycobacterial infection, or acute leukemia.

Ethambutol 1000Mg - Important Information
Doctor should be informed, if the patient has gouty arthritis, eye problems, liver problems, kidney disease or any other allergy or infection. Pregnant or feeding mothers should also inform about their condition to the doctor in advance.

How Ethambutol 1000Mg works?
The drug works by preventing the growth of cells that cause tuberculosis. The dosages of Ethambutol 1000mg drug should be as per prescription of doctor, and must be regularly followed.

Where to find Mycobutol 1000Mg?
Mycobutol 1000Mg can be accessed from online pharmacies. Authorized pharmacies provide the drug at reasonable cost and very convenient dealings while placing the required order.
The websites are very easy to understand and they also provide service of free home delivery.

Ethambutol 1000Mg- Side effects
Some possible drug reactions may be- dizziness, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, chest pain, upset stomach, fever, pain or swelling in joints, numbness of feet or hands, chills, pale stools, dark urine, skin redness, abdominal pain, abnormal bruising, changes in vision, swollen glands, etc.
Doctor should be contacted for any bothersome symptom.

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