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Mycobutol 400mg

Mycobutol 400mg
Mycobutol 400mg
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Product Description

What is Mycobutol 400Mg?
Mycobutol 400mg has an active ingredient called Ethambutol. It is an active antibacterial element. The drug is used for treatment of acute leukemia or non-tuberculosis mycobacterial infection and mainly for tuberculosis.

Ethambutol 400Mg - Important Information
Conceived women and nursing mothers need to inform the doctor before beginning with this drug medication. Doctor should also know entire medical past of the patient, such as- kidney problem, liver issues, eye problem in diabetic patients, or gouty arthritis.

How Ethambutol 400Mg works?
The drug stops the release and replication of bacterial cells which cause the infection of tuberculosis. As per doctors suggestion only, the dosages of Ethambutol 400mg drug should be consumed.

Where to find Mycobutol 400Mg?
Mycobutol is available with various online medical stores. Registered and reliable online pharmacies provide safe drugs at very reasonable costs. They also ensure easy and quick placement of transaction between the customer and pharmacy.

Ethambutol 400Mg- Side effects
In rare cases, patients might experience- numbness of hands and feet, swollen glands, nausea, dizziness, pain in chest, joints tenderness, redness of skin, fever, headache, stomach upset, dark urine, pale stools, pain in stomach, vision changes, appetite loss, etc.
Any serious symptom should be reported to doctor.

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