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Mycobutol 800mg

Mycobutol 800mg
Mycobutol 800mg
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Product Description

What is Mycobutol 800Mg?
Ethambutol is a chief component of Mycobutol 800mg. It is an anti-bacterial agent. The drug is used for treatment of tuberculosis which is an infection caused by bacteria. The drug is also prescribed for treatment of acute leukemia and non-tuberculosis mycobacterial infection.

Ethambutol 800Mg - Important Information
Women who are conceived or planning for pregnancy, or feeding mothers should take doctors advice for suitability of the drug. And patients suffering from- liver problem, gouty attack or arthritis, kidney ailment, or eye problem; should inform the doctor about their entire medical condition.

How Ethambutol 800Mg works?
Ethambutol in Mycobutol 800mg directly impacts on the bacterial walls and stops their further growth. The medicines for tuberculosis infections are strictly required to be regular, as per the directions given by doctor.

Where to find Mycobutol 800Mg?
Find Mycobutol with authorized online chemists. They ensure safe drugs at low prices, and additional discounts for regular customers. They also facilitate very convenient dealings and provide free home delivery within limited working hours.

Ethambutol 800Mg- Side effects
Doctor needs to be immediately called in case of reactions, such as- stomach pain, stomach upset, pale stools, fever, nausea, dark urine, swollen glands, headache, numbness of legs and hands, joint swelling and pain, vision changes, dizziness, redness of skin, pain in chest, etc.

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