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Admenta 5mg

Admenta 5mg

Admenta 5mg
Admenta 5mg

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Sun Pharma

Admenta 5mg

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About Admenta 5mg

How does Admenta 5mg?

What is Admenta 5mg?
Admenta 5mg medicine contains active ingredient Memantine which belongs to NMDA receptor antagonist class of medication. It is used to treat mild to severe dementia caused due to Alzheimer’s disease in some cases. It is used to reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease but cannot fully cure it.

Memantine 5mg-Important Information
It is not suitable to everyone so should be taken strictly under medical supervision. Dosage should not be altered without consulting doctor. Any hypersensitivity to any medication or if any serious medical condition exists doctor should be informed.

How does Memantine 5mg work?
This medication works by decreasing abnormal activity in the brain to help and slow down damage to brain cells and perform daily activities easily. Usually Memantine 5mg is given once or twice as prescribed by the doctor depending on the severity of the condition, age factor or any other factor.

Memantine 5mg-Side Effects
Certain side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, confusion, joint pain or any other side effect may occur. Inform doctor immediately if any symptom becomes severe.

Where to find Admenta 5mg?
Admenta 5mg drug is easily available in any of the online drug pharmacies. Some go to the extent of giving good discounts, cheap rates and free home delivery facility.