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Nelvir 250mg

Nelvir 250mg

Nelvir 250mg
Nelvir 250mg

Generic name

Lamivudine+ Nevirapin

US Brand

A/V Aloe Fruitamin Bleach Cr.





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Nelvir 250mg

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100 PACKs $90.72

About Nelvir 250mg

How does Nelvir 250mg?

What is Nelvir 250mg?
Lamivudine and Nevirapin 250mg medication along with other medicines is prescribed for treatment of HIV in a person. It may not cure HIV but will help in reducing the amount of HIV in blood thereby reducing chances of acquiring AIDS later on. Nelfinavir in Nelvir belongs to group of medicines called protease inhibitors.

Lamivudine and Nevirapin 250mg-Important Information
This drug may not be suitable to all so consult your doctor before taking this medication. Any serious medical condition or any allergy to any drug should be informed to doctor.

How Lamivudine and Nevirapin 250mg works and dosage
Along with other medication Nelvir 250mg works by preventing HIV cells from multiplying in your body. Dosage should be administered only after consulting your doctor. Avoid missing any dose or taking any two doses together.

Lamivudine and Nevirapin 250mg-Side Effects
Certain side effects like diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, abdominal pain or any other effect may occur. If you find any side effect turning serious or lasting longer than usual take immediate medical help.

Where to find Nelvir 250mg?
You may buy Nelvir 250mg medicine online from any of the well reputed and registered online drug pharmacies. They provide fresh stocks at a very reasonable rate. Some provide great discounts and free shipping too.