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Nexium 20mg

Nexium 20mg

Esomeprazole Magnesium 20mg
Esomeprazole Magnesium 20mg

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Astra Zenaca

Nexium 20mg

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About Nexium 20mg

How does Nexium 20mg?

What is Nexium 20mg?
Nexium or esopemrazole as the generic name is a medicine used to treat symptoms of gastric acid. It may be prescribed for treating conditions of stomach, esophagus and intestines. It has esopemrazole magnesium trihydrate as its active ingredient.Buy Nexium 20mg online at cheap price.

Esomeprazole 20mg Important information
Esopemrazole acts as a proton pump inhibitor which minimizes the secretion of acid in gastric cells. It is generally used in the treatment of peptic ulcer, dyspepcia, GERD and other infections of the gastrointestinal nature.

How to take Esomeprazole 20mg?
GERD occurs when the digestive acid from stomach comes in contact with the esophagus. This condition is generally referred as heartburn. If the contact continues for long term it may cause permanent damage to the esophagus.It may be prescribed to adults of 17years and above to treat symptoms of GERD and reflux esophagitis for a dosage of four to eight weeks. In children from 12 to 17 yrs it may be prescribed for up to eight weeks once a day.

Esomeprazole 20mg Side effects
Wooziness, puzzlement, faster or irregular heart rate, jerks in muscles, nervous sensation, diarrhea that may be watery or bloody, muscle cramping, weakness of muscle or hobble feeling, cough or convulsions. Common side effects may include frequent headache, sleepiness, mild diarrhea, pain in stomach, gas or constipation, and nausea.