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Nicardia 20mg

Nicardia 20mg
Nicardia 20mg
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Product Description

What is Nicardia 20mg?
Nicardia 20mg medicine is used in treatment of angina, Reynauds phenomenon, controlling high blood pressure thus reducing risk of stokes, kidney diseases, heart disease etc. In some cases it may be prescribed by doctor to reduce painful spasms or for any such diseases as recommended by the doctor.

Nifedipine 20mg-Important Information
Avoid grape fruit and juice with this medicine. Any sort of allergy towards any medicine should be reported to doctor. In case of serious illness like that of heart, liver, glaucoma etc inform doctor.

How Nifedipine 20mg works?
Nifedipine, the active calcium channel blocker helps relaxing blood vessels and lower burden of heart in pumping blood. Dose depends on individual medical conditions and it should be followed exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

Nifedipine 20mg-Side Effects
Some people may experience side effects like nausea, flushing, constipation, headache, blurred vision or any other. If any symptom becomes severe consult doctor right then.

Where to find Nicardia 20mg?
You may buy Nicardia drug online. There is no need to venture out of your home. With a few click of buttons you may order medicine from registered online drug pharmacies.
They provide genuine drugs at very cheap and discounted rates.

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