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Olmecip 40mg

Olmecip 40mg
Olmecip 40mg
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What is Olmecip 40mg Pills?

Olmesartan 40mg Pills is an angiotensin receptor which uses to keep blood vessels from narrowing and improves the blood flow. It is employed to treat hypertension in adults and children who are at least 7years old.

Olmesartan 40mg important information
You should not use this medicine and inform your doctor if you allergic as well as you should not use potassium supplements while you are consuming Olmesartan 40mg.
You should use this medicine as directed by the doctor but it should be avoided during pregnancy.

How to take Olmesartan 40mg Pills
While taking this medication, you may face some problems and you should inform the same to your doctor. Take Olmesartan 40mg exactly as recommended by your doctor by following specific instructions and it should be stored at room temperature and should be maintained away from heat.

Olmesartan 40mg Pills side effects
You may face some certain side effects of Olmesartan 40mg such as swelling of face, urinating problem, pain in chest and dizziness. It is recommended that you must take proper advice from your doctor before taking Olmecip 40mg.

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