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Evalon 15 gm

Evalon 15 gm

Evalon 15mg
Evalon 15mg

Generic name

Estradiol + Desofestrel

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Evalon 15 gm

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6 PACKs $34.80
3 PACKs $18.20
PACK $6.80

About Evalon 15 gm

How does Evalon 15 gm?

What are Evalon 15Mg?
Evalon 15mg or Estriol is a drug to cover up estrogen insufficiency in female by externally supplying. The medicine is mainly used for development of reproductive organs in female, and urinary system. It treats trophic urethritis, vaginal inflammation, genital skin diseases and vulvar atrophy. It brings pleasant conditions that are there in normal estrogen in body.

Estradiol and Desofestrel 15Mg- Important Information
Doctor must be informed in advance about all medical history and present medical conditions, like- pregnancy, lactation, any allergies to drugs, food, environment, etc.

How Estradiol and Desofestrel 15Mg work?
The drug partly elevates clear and normal discharge from vagina that leads to healthy and normal urethra and vulva. And hence it relieves vulvar redness, itching, soreness, frequent urinating urge, dryness of vagina and reduces pain at urinating and at sexual intercourse.
Estradiol and Desofestrel is to be applied as directions given on the pack and as per doctors prescription.

Where to find Evalon 15Mg?
Evalon 15mg a strictly prescribed drug is available with many online pharmacists that provide all prescribed medicines. Licensed or authorized drug dealers offer safe drugs at very low and reasonable costs. They provide drugs at very easy and quick dealings with extra discount on bulk purchase, and also facilitate home delivery for free.

Estradiol and Desofestrel 15Mg Side effects
Estradiol and Desofestrel in very rare cases may cause certain reactions, such as- swelling, itching, redness, painful and frequent urination, leg cramps, breast tenderness, low and unwell feeling, vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, chest pain, breathing difficulty, migraine, blood pressure, lump, and more. Seriousness caused by any of these is to be reported to doctor.