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Pangraf 1mg

Pangraf 1mg
Pangraf 1mg
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Product Description

What is Pangraf 1mg?
Tacrolimus 1mg medication is prescribed for preventing organ rejection during transplantation like of heart, liver or kidney. It helps reducing the activity of immune system to prevent an organ from rejection. It may be prescribed by doctor for any other treatment.

Tacrolimus 1mg-Important Information
Any hypersensitivity to any medication or if you are suffering from any serious illness it should be reported to your doctor, before taking this medicine. Some may develop certain illness like diabetes or certain cancers while taking this medicine so it is to be taken strictly under medical supervision.

How does Tacrolimus 1mg work?
Your immune system may reject newly transplanted organs. So Tacrolimus in Pangraf 1mg helps lower bodys immune system thereby preventing rejection. Dose depends on the organs transplanted and every individual medical condition and age. Generally it varies from 0.5mg-0.10mg/kg/day in an adult to be divided in two doses and taken twice daily in gap of 12 hours.

Tacrolimus 1mg-Side Effects
Certain side effects like confusion, renal failure, angina, leucopenia, nausea, headache, speech disorder or any other condition may occur. If any symptom becomes severe consult doctor immediately.

Where to find Pangraf 1mg?
You may buy Pangraf 1mg drug from any of the well known and registered online pharmacies. They provide genuine drugs at cheap prices and also provide easy payment and free home delivery facilities.

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