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Persol Gel 5%

Persol Gel 5%
Persol Gel 5%
Active Ingredients
Anhydrous Benzoyl Peroxide
Generic Brand for
5% Gel
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Tube Pack
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Product Description

Persol Gel Uses
Persol gel, manufactured by Wallace Pharmaceuticals, contains Benzyl Peroxide and is indicated for the treatment of acne. The medication improves the symptoms by killing bacterial accumulation causing acne. Anhydrous-Benzoyl-Peroxide gel dries skin and makes it peel off.

Anhydrous-Benzoyl-Peroxide Gel Dosage and Administration
Anhydrous-Benzoyl-Peroxide gel must be used as directed by the physician. Before applying the drug, wash the affected area thoroughly with plain water and pat dry. Take small quantity of gel in hands and gently rub on the skin. Leave it for 10-20 minutes. The recommended usage of Anhydrous-Benzoyl-Peroxide gel is twice in a day Morning and Evening. However, ask your doctor to know the suitable dosing schedule as per your medical condition.

Anhydrous-Benzoyl-Peroxide Gel Side Effects
Anhydrous-Benzoyl-Peroxide gel side effects are excessive dryness, peeling and swelling of skin, severe skin rash, inflammation, swelling and burning sensation.

Anhydrous-Benzoyl-Peroxide Gel Precautions
Anhydrous-Benzoyl-Peroxide gel must not be used if you are allergic to the medication.
Prevent the medication from getting into your eyes, nose and mouth. Rinse thoroughly if medication enters the restricted regions.
Do not apply the medication on burnt, chapped, peeled or blistered skin.

Persol Gel Buying Info
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