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Phexin 500mg

Phexin 500mg
Phexin 500mg
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Pyzina Capsules
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Product Description

Phexin 500mg
Cephalexin 500mg is used extensively for the treatment of bacterial infections mainly of the lungs and respiratory tract. It is also used for treating infections in the middle ear. The active ingredient in Phexin 500mg is Cefalexin monohydrate.

How does Cephalexin 500mg work?
The active ingredient in Cephalexin is an antibiotic that is related to penicillin. Cefalexin which is the active component in Cephalexin 500mg interferes with the ability of bacteria to form cell walls.
These cell walls are necessary for the survival of the bacteria. These cell walls prevent unwanted substances from entering the cells. The antibiotic is found to impair the bonds that hold the cell walls together thereby leading to the formation of holes which cause the bacteria to die.

How to take Cephalexin 500mg?
The dosage of Cephalexin depends on the age, kidney function and the type of infection. The healthcare provider is the right person to decide the dosage.
The medication should be kept in a cool place away from sunlight. The drug is easily available at every store. They are affordable and can also be availed at discounted rates with the use of coupons.

Side effects of Cephalexin 500mg
Diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, rash, dizziness, agitation, confusion, pain in the joints, is some of the side effects of the medication. Seek medical help in case the symptoms worsen.

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