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Pangraf 5mg

Pangraf 5mg

Pangraf 5mg
Pangraf 5mg

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Pangraf 5mg

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About Pangraf 5mg

How does Pangraf 5mg?

What is Pangraf 5mg?
Tacrolimus 5mg medication along with other medicines is used for stopping your body from rejecting a newly transplanted organ like liver, kidney or heart. It may be prescribed by your doctor for any other condition not mentioned here.

Tacrolimus 5mg-Important Information
You may catch life threatening infections like cancer or other like diabetes while taking this medicine. So take it strictly under medical guidance and undergo any required tests. If you have any serious medical conditions inform your doctor beforehand.

How does Tacrolimus 5mg work?
Immune system in your body guards against invading foreign bodies and helps prevent diseases. This immune system may be a disadvantage in case of transplanting an organ. So Tacrolimus in Pangraf 5mg helps reducing immune system activity and prevents rejection of transplanted organ. Dose depends on the organs transplanted and age and other factors involved. Generally 0.2-0.10mg/kg/day is prescribed to be taken in two doses daily, in an adult.

Tacrolimus 5mg-Side effects
Certain side effects like tremors, nausea, diarrhea, fever, breathlessness, toxicity, confusion or any other symptom may occur. Consult doctor immediately if any symptom becomes serious.

Where to find Pangraf 5mg?
It is easily and readily available on any of the well reputed online drug pharmacies. You may buy Pangraf 5mg at cheap rates online and also avail discounts and free home delivery.