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Tacroz .03% (10 gm)

Tacroz .03% (10 gm)

Tacroz  .03% (10 gm)
Tacroz  .03% (10 gm)

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Tacroz .03% (10 gm)

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About Tacroz .03% (10 gm)

How does Tacroz .03% (10 gm)?

What is Tacroz 0.03 %( 10gm)?
Tacroz 0.03% cream mainly contains the generic formulation called Tacrolimus 0.03%.It is prescribed for Atopic dermatitis or to treat skin symptoms that have not responded to other medicines or for any condition as prescribed for by the doctor.

Tacrolimus 0.03 %( 10gm)-Important Information
This may cause nephrotoxicity so should be used under medical supervision. Any hypersensitivity to any medication should be reported to doctor. In case of pregnancy or any serious medical condition inform doctor.

How does Tacrolimus 0.03 %( 10gm) works?
Tacrolimus in Tacroz 0.03% helps reducing and suppressing the bodys immune power thereby help in treatment of atopic skin conditions. Dosage may depend on severity of condition, age and other factors. Strictly adhere to the prescribed dose for best results.

Tacrolimus 0.03 %( 10gm)-Side effects
Certain side effects like skin hives, swellings, fever, breathing difficulty, body aches, confusion, high BP, or any other symptom may occur. Seek immediate medical help if symptoms last longer than usual or are severe.

Where to find Tacroz 0.03%( 10gm)?
Tacroz 0.03% medication is available on any of the registered online pharmacies. They come up with easy payment facility, free shipment, discount coupons, cheap rates and other deals.
You may compare and choose the best that suits you.